We are Earthrise.


We believe that our climate crisis demands nothing less than an all-hands-on-deck, political, cultural, and economic movement. We are responding to the call-to-action needed to reverse our fate. And we believe that the only path to success is through soliciting the help of our fellow citizens.

We built Earthrise to help people witness our environmental crisis for themselves, as it is happening in their towns, fields, forests, and farms, with local environmental reporting, global educational investigations, and high-fidelity space-born imagery. Our web-based tools power citizen engagement, compelling people into the budding movement to save our shared home, whether they consider themselves environmentalists or not.


As an interdisciplinary organization working at the cross-section of storytelling, design, and technology, our team is comprised of environmentalists, data scientists, designers, developers, journalists and educators.

Dan Hammer
Edward Boyda
Head Scientist
Thomas Jowett
Director of Tech
Stephen Downs
Creative Director
Caroline Binley
Data Scientist

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