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Our Community Supported Geospatial Mapping Platform

We are datadata scientists,scientists,
designers,designers, & environmentalists.environmentalists.

We blend digital fluency with environmental literacy to create consumer experiences that rival those of big brands, with really big budgets.

We are a creative agency for the environment.

We think that better and more transparent data is the most powerful driver of environmental change.

We help organizations use data to empower people to take action on the environment.

We have a special focus on images of the Earth’s surface taken from satellites — a global, credible, and compelling source of information about environmental change.


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  • Design
  • Graphic, user interface, and user experience design for meaningful digital experience.
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  • Data Science
  • Identifying and communicating patterns from within data, toward actionable information.
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  • Product
  • Creating digital products to suit both existing market demand and future public policy.
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  • Technology
  • Digital infrastructure and web services to make environmental data more accessible to more applications.
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  • Technology
  • Digital infrastructure and web services to make environmental data more accessible to more applications.
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  • Storytelling
  • Uncovering narrative from data and space-born imagery to better understand our changing planet.
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  • Consulting
  • Environmental data strategy to support transformative solutions to conservation and climate change.


Dan Hammer


White House, NATGEO, NASA, World Resources Institute

Edward Boyda


Saint Mary’s College, NASA, UC Berkeley, Rhodes

Stephen Downs


University of California, TSG Consumer Partners, Ruder Finn

Ann Marie Gardner


Modern Farmer, Monocle, T; The New York Times Style Magazine, T Travel

Advisory Board

Lori Garver

CEO, Earthrise Alliance; Deputy Administrator, NASA; General Manager, ALPA

Cady Coleman

NASA Astronaut; Former US Air Force Officer; Global Explorer in Residence, ASU

Fabien Laurier

Vice President for National Geographic Labs; Director National Climate Assessment

Megan Smith

CEO shift7; Former U.S. Chief Technology Officer; Former VP at Google[x]

Steve McCormick

Former CEO of The Nature Conservancy; Former CEO of The Moore Foundation

Jon Baille

Former Chief Scientist at National Geographic

Glen Low

Former Principal Bain & Company; Lecturer Haas