A single image can change the world.

We Are

We provide easy access to the stories within satellite imagery.


The first image of earth from space, Earthrise (1968), catalyzed the modern environmental movement. 



From Space

Satellite imagery is a powerful source of information to tell compelling, local stories about climate change and environmental degradation. To date, satellite imagery is primarily used by the defense industry or commodity traders.

We are leveraging the half-trillion dollar investment in Earth observation satellites to surface environmental stories that are otherwise left untold and unseen.



Our Story

National Geographic devoted their March 2018 issue to the sense of awe and empathy that astronauts develop for the Earth and its inhabitants after seeing the whole planet, hanging alone in space. Only 24 humans have had the opportunity to directly experience the Overview Effect. What about the rest of us? How do we scale the overview effect?  

This is the primary motivation for Earthrise Media — to inspire many, many humans with Earth imagery. We use satellite image technology to report on planetary change for a broad and diverse audience. All that’s required, now, is to match people with relevant content. This matching problem can be solved with artificial intelligence, graphic design, and innovative data agreements.

We are starting with reporters — people who can help contextualize and humanize the changes we discover from satellites.  Both professional reporters at news outlets and amateur reporters in middle-school classrooms.


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