There are exabytes of satellite imagery of the Earth from over 70 satellite image providers across 34 countries.  If you had all the imagery in the world, updated constantly, where would you look?  Our Where to Look API is a streaming service that identifies locations of stories that can be materially enhanced with satellite imagery.   The Where to Look API finds gold among the exabytes of rock -- and surfaces the locations, dates, and stories through a simple REST service.  We use this service internally to produce our newswire.  We invite partners to use the service to task satellites or create their own newswire.  Please contact us for early access.

Example Call


EXAMPLE output

    "count": 1,
    "results": [
            "event-title": "75,000 Syrians are trapped near Jordan's border.",
            "event-description": "Jordanian authorities refused to allow access to the site for journalists and only limited access for aid groups.",
            "event-date": "2016-09-14",
            "location-title": "Rukban crossing",
            "location-coords": {
                "lat": 31.9126294,
                "lon": 35.8976422