Bridge to nowhere

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This four-lane, $330 million dollar suspension bridge connects Dandong, China and its nearly one million residents to a farm field in North Korea. There, the bridge stops. No road connects it to the nearest city, Sinuiju, some 10 kilometers away. However, if trade sanctions are lifted, North Korea may also build the road that would connect Dandong to Sinuiju, Pyongyang, and Seoul. North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's meetings with both South Korean and American presidents have spurred new hopes that the border will open soon — and a new boom in Dandong's real estate market.

"[Bob Li, a Dandong real estate agent] says in the two weeks following the inter-Korean summit, a surge of real estate investors into the city catapulted home prices by more than 50 percent."


Above is a current image of the bridge across the China-North Korea border. Below is an image from the bridge's construction in 2012.

Caroline Binley