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Plastic Waste Index

Data science and digital storytelling to expose the source of the single-use plastics crisis.

Client: Minderoo Foundation
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We have been in the midst of a global plastics crisis for decades. Today, however, we have a new culprit. It's no longer just us citizens to blame, nor is it the brands that transform polymers into what becomes plastic junk. As the result of our work with the Minderoo Foundation, we can now look further up the food chain and follow the paper trail to the financial institutions who enable its production.

Tracing the root causes of the plastic waste crisis empowers us to help solve it.

Al Gore, former US Vice President

Earthrise built a simple and reader-friendly website to enable non-data scientists to understand and interact with mountains of financial data - seeing for themselves the root cause of our plastic crisis. We created, a rich data story, wherein the audience can easily scroll a parallax narrative shedding light on an otherwise hidden reality.